The blackjack board is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any fan of this popular card game. The blackjack board is a visual guide. It indicates the actions to be taken according to the dealer’s card and the value of the player’s hand.

Today, blackjack has transcended the status of simple card entertainment to become a demanding intellectual exercise. This game, far from being simple, is full of subtleties. These can either lead to a rewarding experience or bitter disappointment . In this article, an in-depth exploration of the blackjack table is provided.

What is a blackjack table?

The blackjack table tells you what to do depending on your hand and the dealer’s card. It has been developed using mathematical calculations. The aim is to minimise the house edge and increase your chances of winning. The blackjack table is generally presented as a structured grid. The columns of this grid illustrate the dealer’s potential cards, ranging from the number 2 to the Ace.

At the same time, the rows detail the possible values for the player’s hand, ranging from 5 to 20. They also include specific cases such as a pair of Aces or 8s. At each row and column intersection, a symbol or letter appears. These serve as guides for the actions to be taken.

For example, the symbol “H” advises you to draw an additional card. While “S” suggests keeping your hand as it is. Similarly, “D” recommends doubling the initial bet and “P” indicates the opportunity to split a pair into two separate hands.

How to read the blackjack table

Reading and using the blackjack table can seem daunting at first. But once you understand its structure, it becomes an incredibly useful tool. The columns of the blackjack table represent the dealer’s card, usually indicated by the number or letter of the card (2-10 for numbered cards, and A, K, Q, J for Ace, King, Queen and Jack).

The rows represent the total value of your hand. At the intersection of the row and column corresponding to your hand and the dealer’s card, you will find the recommended action. For example, if you have a hand total of 16 and the dealer’s card is a 10, the table may recommend that you draw an additional card (H).

Practical examples

Suppose your hand totals 16 and the dealer’s card is a 10. You look for the intersection of the “16” row and the “10” column on the blackjack board. If the chart recommends an “H”, it means that the best statistical action is to draw an additional card.

Importance of position

Your position in relation to the dealer is also a key factor. For example, if you are the first to act, you don’t have the luxury of seeing the actions of other players, which can sometimes provide useful clues. In such cases, the blackjack table becomes even more crucial in guiding you to make optimal decisions.

Know it by heart

To maximise its effectiveness, it is advisable to know the blackjack table by heart. This will enable you to make the best decisions quickly and confidently, which is particularly useful in fast-paced games or when playing online.

utiliser le tableau blackjack pour gagner

Blackjack table: Basic strategies explained

The blackjack table is based on what is known as basic blackjack strategy, a set of mathematically optimal rules that tell you the best action to take in any situation. Here are some of the basic actions and what they mean:

Hit: This action is often recommended when the total value of your hand is quite low. The idea is to draw an extra card in the hope of obtaining a stronger hand. However, you need to be careful, as drawing an extra card also increases the risk of going over 21 and therefore losing.

Stand: This action is generally recommended when you have a strong hand or when the dealer has a weak card. In these situations, the chances are good that you will win the hand, or that the dealer will go over 21.

Double down (Double): Doubling is a risky action that can be very lucrative. It is generally recommended when you have a particularly strong hand and the dealer has a weak card. When you double down, your original bet is doubled and you are dealt exactly one additional card.

Split: Split is an action you can take when you have a pair. It allows you to split the pair into two separate hands, each with its own bet. This action is often recommended for pairs such as Aces and Eights.


For any serious blackjack player, the strategy chart is an invaluable tool. It provides clear guidelines on the optimal actions to take in various game situations. These guidelines are the result of rigorous mathematical calculations and probability analysis. Although the blackjack strategy board does not guarantee a systematic win, it significantly increases the chances of success over the long term.

What’s more, this tool helps you to better grasp the various situations and choices that arise during a game. Regular use can therefore help to develop stronger playing skills. The board also helps build self-confidence. All in all, the blackjack board is a wise investment for any player looking to improve. It is also recommended that you use it regularly to improve your performance.

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