Slot machines are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in casinos around the world. Every day, multitudes of fans flock to them, hoping to win the jackpot. So what are the secrets to increasing your chances of winning? Is it pure chance, or are there methods that can be used to maximise winnings? This text describes in detail the workings of slot machines, deconstructs preconceived ideas and presents techniques for improving the prospects of winning.

Understanding how slot machines work

Slot machines, whether physical or online, are designed to provide captivating entertainment while offering the possibility of substantial earnings. To increase your chances of winning, it’s important to understand how they work.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

At the heart of every slot machine is the RNG. This is software that generates thousands of numerical combinations every second. When you press the spin button or pull the lever, the last combination generated at that moment determines the outcome of the spin. This ensures fairness, as each spin is independent and is not influenced by previous or future spins.

The concept of RTP (Return To Player)

The RTP is a key indicator for assessing the generosity of an online or physical slot machine. It represents the percentage of the total money wagered by players that will be redistributed in the form of winnings over a given period.

If a machine has an RTP of 97%, this means that, in theory, it will pay out €97 for every €100 wagered. However, this does not guarantee a win for every game session. This is an average over thousands of spins.


Modern slot machines often feature multiple paylines. These lines represent the different combinations of symbols that can result in a win. The more paylines there are, the greater the chance of winning on each spin. However, it is essential to note that playing with all paylines active can cost more per spin.

Special symbols and bonuses

Today’s slot machines often incorporate distinctive icons. Wilds”, for example, substitute other icons to form a winning sequence. Scatters frequently activate bonus sessions or free spins. These features enrich the game’s tactics and multiply the opportunities for players to win big.

By assimilating these essential aspects, enthusiasts are better equipped to select their machine judiciously, define their stake and adopt a gambling approach. This knowledge not only boosts the probability of success, but also makes the gaming session much more enjoyable.

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Debunking slot machine myths

Slot machines, with their operation based on chance, have given rise to many urban legends and myths. It is essential to demystify them if you are to play in an enlightened manner.

The myth of the “hot machine” or “cold machine

One of the most common beliefs is that if a slot machine has just paid out a jackpot or numerous consecutive wins, it is “hot” and will continue to pay out. Conversely, if a machine has not paid out for a long time, it is “cold” and is “due” for a win. In reality, each round is independent thanks to RNG. A machine does not “remember” its last payments.

Slot machines are handled

Some players think that casinos can adjust the machines to pay more during off-peak hours and less during peak hours. This is not true. Gaming regulators ensure that slot machines operate fairly and transparently. Changing the odds without notification would be illegal.

Playing longer guarantees a win

Some people think that the more they play on a machine, the more likely they are to win. Although the RTP indicates that a certain proportion of bets are redistributed, this does not guarantee a win in every session. RTP is applied over thousands or even millions of spins.

Using the lift instead of the button increases your chances of winning.

Whether you use the button or the lever to launch a turn has no influence on the result. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.

The position of the machine counts

There is a misconception that machines near entrances, corridors or busy areas pay better to attract other players. Again, each machine operates with an RNG, and its position does not affect its payouts.

Strategies for maximising your chances at slot games

Although slot machines are largely a matter of chance, there are ways of increasing the odds of winning. Here are some practical tips to enhance your gaming experience.

Managing your budget at slot games

Budget management is an essential tactic. Before any gaming session, it is advisable to set a precise budget and stick to it rigorously. This approach prevents the risk of chasing losses and exceeding your financial means.

It’s also a good idea to set a win threshold that signals the end of the session. This measure ensures that profits are retained, so that they are not squandered in subsequent rounds.

Understanding slot machine volatility

Volatility characterises the regularity and value of a slot machine’s rewards. High-volatility machines offer substantial but infrequent rewards. Low-volatility machines, on the other hand, offer smaller but more frequent rewards. Depending on your appetite for risk, you should select a device that suits your gaming preference.

Play as many lines as possible

On many machines, you can choose the number of paylines to activate. Playing as many lines as possible increases your chances of forming a winning combination, even though it may cost more per spin.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Online casinos often offer welcome bonuses, free spins and other slot promotions. These offers can give you extra spins at no cost or increase your bankroll, improving your chances of winning. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with these casino bonuses to avoid any surprises.

Study the payoff table

Before playing a machine, take the time to examine its paytable. This will give you an idea of the winning combinations, special symbols and any bonus rounds. By understanding these elements, you can better plan your bets.


Winning at slot machines is mainly a matter of luck, but by understanding how they work and adopting a judicious strategy, you can maximise your chances of winning. Play responsibly and have as much fun as possible. After all, that’s what casino games are all about!

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