Since their creation in the 17th century, casinos have always been a focus of interest for many people. In both land-based and virtual casinos, you’ll find a wide range of games that will excite you and allow you to win a lot of money by adopting the right casino strategies.

Even if you play games of chance in online casinos, you need to use certain strategies to maximise your chances of winning a lot of money. That’s why beginners are advised to spend time playing demo versions of slot machines and table games online so that they can learn and master the rules and strategies of the games.

After that, you can bet real money and hope for potential winnings. To win at casino roulette games, what are the best casino strategies to use?

Casino strategies: the James Bond method

To maximise your chances of winning at the casino, you can opt for the James Bond method. This strategy is named after the actor who is reputed to be a legend in the world of espionage, but also in casinos. It requires you to make a real-money investment of €100 at the online casino.

This method consists of making 3 different bets structured as follows: €40 on the pass from 19 to 36, €50 on the sixain from 13 to 18 and €10 on the square zero insurance. Several hypotheses have been developed using this method:

  • If the ball lands on a number between 19 and 36, you win €80
  • If the ball lands on a number between 13 and 18, you win €100.
  • When the ball lands on the zero square, you win €160.
  • When the ball lands on a number between 1 and 12, you lose the €100.

It’s a pretty impressive betting system that allows you to win at roulette.

casino strategies

The Martingale strategy

The martingale system is a very old roulette strategy known to many roulette players. It consists of making bets that take into account the results of the previous bet. With this strategy, when you bet and lose, the principle is that you double your bet on the next spin.

If they win, they will get back all the money they have bet since the beginning and will have a profit. To put it more simply, if you bet €2 and lose the game, you have to bet €4 in the next round. And if you lose again, you have to bet €8, and so on. There are several types of martingale in the casino.

To maximise your chances of winning at this casino game, you need to learn many of them. So, depending on the situation in front of you, you will know which of the martingales to use and how to win a lot of money.

It is one of the most widely used casino strategies. The d’Alembert method is less risky for the player in terms of finances. Like the other strategies, it consists of increasing the initial stake as soon as the player registers a loss of money in online roulette.

However, when players win money at this table game, they have to reduce their bets. The d’Alembert method is a linear progression that allows players to place rational bets.

In a nutshell, this roulette strategy says that you should double your bet when you lose, but reduce your bet when you win. It’s a low-risk method that will save you a lot of money. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you can easily use this method to win at roulette.

The Fibonacci method

This strategy, known as Fibonacci, is one of the casino strategies for beginners. It actually allows you to bet small amounts in the first few moments of play. However, with the Fibonacci method, the amounts bet can grow very quickly. This is why, when you opt for this roulette strategy, you need to set aside a large budget.

But you also need to know when to stop to minimise losses. This method is presented in the form of a numerical sequence as follows: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610, etc. You’re trying to understand, aren’t you? In reality, all you have to do is add two numbers that follow each other to get the next number. How do you apply this technique to the game of French roulette?

For example, you start by betting €1 and you win. You have the choice of continuing to play or stopping. But if you lose, you have to play another €1. If you lose, you have to play (€1 + €1), which makes a €2 bet.

If you lose again, you bet (€2 + €1), which makes €3. And you continue in the same way as shown in the numbered sequence. With this strategy, you can limit your losses and also make a considerable profit.

The Labouchère method

This technique is one of many roulette strategies. It’s a fairly complex strategy that requires discipline and works using a sequence of numbers. To use it, choose fairly simple numbers if you’re new to casino games.

Once you’ve decided on a series of numbers, you add up the first and last numbers in the series to find out how much you have to bet in the next round. Let’s say you’ve chosen a series of numbers like 3-8-6-4-2-2. For your first round, your bet will be 3 + 2, so €5. If you win, you will eliminate the numbers already used and you will be left with the series 8-6-4-2.

Your next bet will be 8 + 2, which is €10. If you lose your bet, then you owe the amount of the bet at the end of the sequence. So, if you lose your €5 bet, you will have the following sequence: 3-8-6-4-2-5. This method is really recommended for all players.

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