Many players use martingale to win at roulette, but this method is a prohibited roulette casino technique. However, martingale is undoubtedly the most popular roulette strategy.

This technique allows the player to win money at the casino, especially bets on the colour black or red and on even and odd numbers. You must also double your losing bets until you win. Gambling establishments do not like this strategy at roulette.

The different variants of roulette martingale

Martingale is the casino roulette technique most often used by players who try their luck at roulette. It offers a 50/50 chance of winning at roulette with €20. It consists of starting to play with a reasonable initial bet, for example €1 placed on an odd even number or on black or red.

If you lose, you must double your bet on the next spin by choosing the same colour until you win. Start betting €1 or more again when you win.

The classic martingale is the most popular because it is easy to play. All you have to do is bet on simple odds such as red, black, even, odd, miss or pass. Double your bet if you lose. But keep a close eye on your budget.

You can also use the great martingale, a slightly different version of the classic technique. This roulette trick involves doubling the bet when you lose and returning to the original bet when you win. The specificity of this casino martingale lies in the fact that you must add one unit to each bet.

There is also the American martingale, which is a casino roulette tip recommended when you find yourself in difficulty. It consists of placing a bet equal to two bets when you face two successive losses. Be careful if the losses follow one another. You could find yourself penniless very quickly.

The piquet martingale is also a variant based on the classic that you can try out. For this version, double the bet after three consecutive losses until you win. You get your money back when you manage to win at roulette twice in a row. This martingale allows you to take fewer risks and play for longer.

If you like taking risks, Paroli’s martingale is for you. This technique involves making double or nothing several times in a row.

technique roulette casino interdite

Martingale is a prohibited casino roulette technique

Now that you know the different martingale techniques, you should know that most casinos prohibit playing roulette with this method. This is a prohibited casino roulette technique because it distorts the principle of the roulette game. Moreover, it generally forces players to exceed the maximum bet.

Roulette is one of the gambling games based on chance. The martingale therefore distorts this game because it gives you more chances of winning. The probability of the ball landing on an even or odd number or a red or black colour is high. Martingale is not in keeping with the fundamentals of roulette, which is why physical casinos prohibit it.

All martingale variants are based on the classic technique. These different methods are all banned in the real-money betting industry.

However, some casinos allow the use of this electronic roulette trick because it allows them to win interesting sums. They have introduced betting limits to make the martingale less effective. Players who are not careful often find themselves trapped.

The martingale is not valid at online casinos

This method does not work on online roulette tables. You need to be wary if you don’t want to run out of money quickly. It’s good to know that some online casinos are not regulated by the ANJ.

In this case, you have no guarantee that the European roulette wheel that catches your eye is playing fairly. The software can be programmed to produce results according to the amount of the bets.

Sometimes the series of results is not really random. It is impossible to apply the martingale when you play online, because the colour or number (even or odd) may be the opposite of the bet you have chosen.

The Internet therefore complicates the use of martingale. But if you really want to use this method, it’s best to choose reliable online casinos. This prohibited casino roulette technique is still an interesting way of winning more often at roulette.

Some dishonest online gaming establishments encourage players to use martingale to trap them. They encourage players to deposit only money into their player account. When these players play roulette, they realise that the software is rigged. The result of the spin is often the opposite of the bet.

On the Internet, it is advisable to choose the online casino site you want to play at carefully. Choose a recognised platform with an excellent reputation among the gaming community.

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