The bank card is one of the payment solutions used to play at online casinos. Many Internet users also use them to make purchases on the Internet. Sometimes payments are refused when the secret code is entered to validate a transaction. The casino site where you plan to play asks you to contact your bank to resolve the problem. Here we explain the reasons why your payment to the online casino using your bank card may be refused.

Personal information is incorrect

Players wishing to play at online casinos must register with gaming platforms. This is an essential step if you want to play for real money. If you want to play and try to win large sums of money, you need to fill in a betting site’s registration form. Fill in your personal details correctly, in particular your surname, first name and address. 

Online casinos may refuse to pay if the personal data in your profile and your supporting documents do not match when your identity is verified. If you make mistakes, the online gaming establishment will consider this to be fraud. So don’t be too hasty when creating a player account at an online casino.

Minors are not allowed to register on Internet casino sites. Online gaming establishments always check the identity of players before depositing any winnings they claim into their accounts.

Your bank card has expired

Bank cards can expire. Don’t forget that they have an expiry date. If your card has expired, you can no longer use it to make online purchases. You have to go to your bank branch to request a new cb. Remember to activate it before using it to play online. If you use it for the first time to make a purchase on a site, your payment will automatically be refused. To activate your new card, simply withdraw money from an ATM or make a purchase in a shop. Your financial adviser can also activate it remotely.

Have you entered the wrong bank card number?

You need to enter the 16 digits of your online bank card when you pay online. The card’s pictogram and expiry date are also entered to validate your purchase or transaction on an online gaming platform. If you make a mistake when entering these numbers, the online payment will not go through. Don’t panic if this happens to you. Simply refresh the page, then re-enter your card details carefully.

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Overdraft or payment limit exceeded

One of the reasons why your bank may refuse a payment to the online casino is that your bank balance is too high. You may not know your financial situation. Your bank advisor may decide to suspend transactions made using your credit card if you have no funds left in your account. Any attempt to make a payment will then be blocked. Contact your account manager to top up your bank account and unblock your card.

Payments with bankcards are generally capped at 30 days. This means that you cannot spend more than the authorised limit during a 1-month period. This limit varies depending on the bank or card. There are also different limits for withdrawals and payments. The aim of the limit is to prevent you from spending excessively or thoughtlessly.

Are you the owner of the bank card

The best online casinos attach great importance to security. They go to great lengths to offer players a secure ecosystem. In fact, it is advisable to register with a reliable casino site that protects your personal data. Transactions must be secure, whatever payment system you choose. Avoid crediting your player account with a bank card that does not belong to you. 

Virtual casinos do not appreciate identity theft. If your credit card is not working, consult your account manager. Don’t forget that there are other ways to fund your player account.

Your bank card is blocked

Your advisor may decide to block your bankcard for security reasons. If he notices suspicious transactions, he will suspend your CB. In addition, if they are unable to contact you to confirm certain payments, they will block your card. Your adviser may consider this to be a risk of bankcard fraud. He or she must confirm that you are not a victim of this type of scam.

In addition, payments with your bankcard may be blocked if you have put it on hold because you may have lost it recently. Your request is taken into account by the bank or the Centre National d’Opposition des cartes bancaires as soon as you place a stop payment. The card is therefore blocked even if you find it a few hours later. 

To remedy this online casino payment refusal, you have no choice but to contact your bank to request a new card. If you wish to deposit money at an online casino, you must be patient.

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