The croupier runs the gaming tables in casinos or gaming clubs. They are professionals who represent the gaming establishment. They ensure that the roulette, poker and blackjack games run smoothly. How do I learn to be a croupier? What do they do? This article will help you understand this profession.

The job of casino croupier

For many years, the casino croupier has played an important role in a gaming establishment. He runs the money games. They take bets and pay players whose bets are successful. This casino employee is responsible for ensuring that the various games run smoothly. They may also run the gaming tables in a private gaming club.

The croupier masters the rules of several casino games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack and English roulette. In general, the supervision of poker and craps games is assigned to those with more experience. In poker, the dealer runs the poker room in the casino. He performs several tasks. They are responsible for :

  • opening and closing of games tables ;
  • distributing cards and handling tokens, dice or plates;
  • Announce the start of the game by saying “Place your bets”;
  • recovery of losing bets;
  • payment of winning bets (often with a rake);
  • ensure compliance with the rules of the game and provide guidance to new players

The casino croupier is a professional who works standing up, which means that some of them end up adopting poor posture and often suffer back pain. They are supervised by a table manager and a member of the management committee.

croupier casino

Training as a croupier

The job of casino croupier is regulated. You can’t just do it by chance. You need to go through the training stage if you want to become a casino croupier. Anyone interested in this role must be aged 18 or over. They must have a clean criminal record. In addition, being on the electoral roll is an important criterion. 

In France, croupier training is the best way to learn this profession. It costs money, but it’s the ideal way of mastering all the specifics of the job. What’s more, croupiers who have undergone training such as that provided by cerus casino academy are more likely to find work.

Candidates wishing to train must pass the aptitude test. This is a compulsory procedure to ensure that you are really capable of learning the basics of this profession. Your mental arithmetic skills are tested. You will need to be mentally and physically ready.

Being a casino croupier is a very demanding job. Most of the time, they work at night and sometimes at weekends.

The qualities and skills required

The croupier’s career can evolve to become a game manager, for example. They must have a keen sense of observation, as some players do not hesitate to steal chips or discreetly manipulate bets. An excellent casino croupier is constantly vigilant while carrying out the various tasks required to ensure that the game runs smoothly. 

His memory is also excellent, as he has to recover losing bets and quickly pay the winning players. Their manual dexterity enables them to deal the cards successfully. The croupier must remain concentrated at all times. Courtesy is also a sought-after quality.

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