Is it your first time at the casino or are you trying out a new place to break your habits? In both cases, dressing to go to the casino means knowing the dress code of the establishment you wish to visit.

What casual attire should I wear to the casino?

Fewer and fewer casinos require a strict dress code on entry. In France, most establishments give players the freedom to dress casually. For some years now, punters have been able to visit the most popular casinos in jeans trousers, a T-shirt and trainers. In summer, you can even opt for light linen outfits, for example.

Don’t forget to wear a shirt with a smart jacket to break up the too-casual look. And for shoes, loafers. Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit with a watch or necklace, for example.

For the ladies, dressing to go to the casino requires sobriety. It’s forbidden to wear short skirts or clothes that are too close to the body. The combination of jeans, T-shirt and trainers also works. If, however, you want to look a little more elegant, opt for a dress that comes down below your knees. For shoes, heeled sandals will do just fine.

In terms of colours for both genders, we’re sticking to neutral tones: white, blue, black, taupe, beige, etc.

Please note! Even if the casino allows casual wear, avoid jeans, shorts, tight-fitting outfits or tracksuits.

tenue pour aller au casino

A classy way to go to the casino

While some casinos don’t pay much attention to what you wear, there are some more exclusive establishments. To get in, you have to stick to the dress code.

For women, choose an evening or cocktail dress. Low necklines and strapless tops are generally permitted, but if in doubt, ask customer service for more information. To add a personal touch to your outfit, accessories are a must. Silver or gold jewellery will do the trick: necklace, bracelets, earrings, watch. For shoes, high heels such as pumps.

For men, you can choose between a tie or bow tie to enhance your suit. To complement your look, smart patent shoes are a must. Bring out your best watches too. You’re also allowed to wear a scarf to accessorise your casino outfit.

As far as colours are concerned, bright shades such as red are permitted and even encouraged. They’ll help you stand out in a crowd without looking out of place.

What to wear to the casino

Somewhere between sophisticated and casual, proper attire is generally accepted in various land-based casinos. For women, there’s no need to wear an evening gown. A simple working girl outfit would be top. A blouse, long pencil dress or slim or flowing trousers and heels work well. Adding a jacket will depend on the weather. As for colours, sober is an excellent choice.

For men, we recommend wearing a jacket, shirt or polo, flowing trousers and office shoes.

What you wear to the casino may also depend on the location of the establishment. Dress codes vary from country to country. In France, for example, gaming halls are stricter than in the United States, where all types of dress are generally permitted.

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