The casino world is an interesting theme for a birthday party, an evening with friends or a team building event. Transforming your home into a gaming establishment is an excellent idea for entertaining your guests and spending a pleasant evening. Recreating the atmosphere of a casino gaming room in your home allows you to surprise your guests. Your guests will enjoy playing the game, especially if you impose a dress code. Discover our tips for organising a successful casino evening at home, in a private venue or on your company premises.

Where to organise your casino evening

The first step in organising this type of party is to consider the space available. If the event is taking place in your home, you need to have enough room to accommodate the people you are inviting. Your guests should be able to move freely between the different games tables. Think about the layout of the furniture, casino games, accessories and decorations. Limit the number of guests if space is limited. 

If you can afford it, the ideal is to hire a hall to accommodate more people and offer a wide variety of activities. But whatever the size of the space planned for the event, define the number of guests if you want them to feel comfortable.

Decoration and accessories for your playroom

The success of a themed evening also depends on the choice of decorations for your room. You need to select decor accessories that recreate the atmosphere of a real gaming club. This will give your guests the impression that they are in a physical casino. There are plenty of options when it comes to decorations to ensure a successful casino evening.

Equipment hire is an excellent option. Many event agencies offer this type of service. They will provide you with the equipment you need. However, you can also create your own decorations. For example, you can use cardboard in different colours and decorate it with gold ribbons and sequins. 

Create shapes of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds to be placed in well-defined locations in your gaming area. Add casino-themed accessories to recreate the atmosphere of a real Las Vegas gaming room. Black, gold, white, red and silver are the colours that should dominate to reproduce the casino environment. You can call on an agency specialising in evening entertainment to ensure the success of your project. The decor should be appropriate for the event.

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What games and activities can you offer your friends?

The success of your casino evening depends on the games and entertainment you offer. The different games you set up depend on the number of guests. You’ll need tables for poker, roulette, blackjack, battle or bingo. The games available should be varied so that the gaming area is really entertaining and attractive.

If you can’t afford to hire croupiers, ask one of your friends to play the role. Use fake banknotes and chips. Ideally, you should distribute the same amount of money to each guest at the start of the evening. The big winner is the one who manages to take home the most money at the end of the evening. Reward the best players with real prizes at the end of the evening, even if the tickets used during the games are not real.

Companies choose to organise a casino evening to encourage team cohesion. In addition, employees enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation to unwind after a period of work. When it comes to casino entertainment, set up a dance floor area and a drinks area.

Casino night dress code

Invitation cards ensure that your casino-themed evening runs smoothly. They set the mood for your event. DIY cards save you money. Use your creativity to make them. They should be original. Specify in your invitation cards the dress code for the evening if you want participants to dress in style, for example. This is your chance to dress elegantly and chicly, just like in the movies. 

Everyone has to play along to make your evening a success. You may or may not want to impose styles from another era, such as the 30s or 40s, for a unique look. The most important thing when organising a casino evening is to ensure that your guests dress in a uniform way throughout your dummy casino. Details are essential to ensure the success of your party.

Plan a food and drink corner

Although gambling plays an important role in casino-themed corporate events, food and drink should not be neglected. Offer your guests appetisers that match the theme of your evening. With the services of a caterer, you can satisfy your guests with delicious appetisers. 

As for drinks, they need to be sufficiently varied. Provide a water fountain, juices, alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Your guests will appreciate having a bar area where they can quench their thirst to their heart’s content. Take care with the presentation of the food to please your guests.

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