You can voluntarily apply for a casino ban if you have a gambling addiction. As a result, you will no longer be able to enter a casino or play on a gaming website. What’s more, you will no longer have access to PMU and Française des Jeux games for a certain period of time. Here are the steps to follow if you wish to re-enter the gaming circles.

How long is a casino ban valid?

All gamblers can apply to be banned from land-based casinos and online gambling sites. A casino ban is a procedure for preventing gambling addiction. It avoids putting you in a precarious financial situation.

Gamblers banned from gambling may not play in a casino or enter a gaming hall for at least 3 years. They are entered on a list of people banned from gambling. This file is sent to online gambling clubs and operators with a licence granted by a recognised regulatory authority.

Consequently, if you try to open an account on a gaming platform, you will automatically be denied access. Gaming sites will immediately recognise you as soon as you enter your details. You can also use the casino ban procedure to protect a person under guardianship or trusteeship.

The courts can also ban you from playing casino games. This may be due to probation or parole and other legitimate reasons. The Ministry of the Interior also has the right to impose a gaming restriction on certain people. However, you can ask for the casino ban to be lifted after 3 years if you are ready to play again.

interdiction de casino

Steps to follow to lift your casino ban

Voluntary self-exclusion from games is a personal process. Gaming websites may suggest to players the possibility of a self-exclusion ban. At the end of the period of a casino ban, the restriction is tacitly renewable if you do not request its cancellation. In this case, you must make a request if you no longer wish to appear on the list of people banned from gambling.

Steps to take

You can do this online. In fact, you don’t need to go to the control circle office that deals with real money betting. Just use the teleservice set up by the ANJ (National Gaming Authority) on their website. Fill in your contact details, a copy of your ID (driving licence, passport or both sides of your ID card) and select the option that suits you best to be contacted by the ANJ team.

You can also send your request to lift a casino ban by post. Your contact details and telephone number must be included in the email. You must include a copy of your identity document as an attachment.

Mention in your letter the time slot you would like to be called by the ANJ National Gaming team. The latter will systematically verify your identity by contacting you by telephone.

The request to lift a gaming ban should preferably be made before the anniversary date of the restriction. However, you can only do so after the restriction has been in force for 3 years.

In the event of a voluntary ban

If it’s a case of voluntary exclusion, you cannot request a lifting of the casino or French lottery games ban. You must wait until the end of your exclusion period. You will be automatically allowed to play again once you have fully served your sanction.

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